Iris Sync

Immerse yourself in a world of colors and visual harmony.



Iris sync is an application service that allows you to control the lighting of the Iris Bloc modules, & nbsp; a control box, according to your desires.

It has 2 interfaces to help you keep track of your experience, everything being easy to use, discreet and intuitive, you will not have any problem setting:

The Iris Sync application will give you the opportunity to control your Iris Bloc module from your Android phone or tablet and / or IOs to manage the different lighting modes of your Iris Bloc module with ease and security.

The Iris Sync web interface, directly integrated with your Iris Bloc module, will allow you to benefit from a complete handling as well as an access to the configuration commands.

Lighting modes

Infinity Table in Rainbow mode

No limit !

10 basic modes, 7 settings of adjustments, 16,58 millions of different colors and up to 300 Supported LEDs, lighting combinations are therefore infinite, allowing you to enjoy an environment that matches your style, your personality and that let you the choice to your creativity.

Now say goodbye to uniform standard-color LED strips, Iris Sync uses addressable memory LED strip technology to control each of the LEDs independently and give you the choice to create the mode that suits you.


Due to the ongoing development of Iris Sync, the application is not yet available.